Greek Shadow Theatre data file / base

Elaboration of the Archive/Data Base

I.- Finding primary sources of information (texts and audiovisual media)

 In newspapers

  • In journals
  • In specialized scientific journals
  • In scientific meetings and congress proceedings, as well as in edited volumes
  • Field data (advertising, abstracts, leaflets, notes, photographs, audio and video recordings, CDs, DVDs) which are kept in:
    • Private and public museums
    • Private collections
    • Television and Radio archives
    • Oral testimonies

II.- Filing and recording of collected data


III.- Data digitization / classification in 21 teaching units:

  1. Karagkiozopektes
  2. Permanent exhibitions and museums 
  3. Public and private organisations
  4. Collectors / collections
  5. Repertoire and script
  6. Shadow Theatre events
  7. Formularies, informative texts
  8. Greek and international bibliography
  9. Record of press articles
  10. Record of radio programmes
  11. Record of TV programmes
  12. Recordings, video, CDs, DVDs
  13. Shadow Theatre in education
  14. Educational games about Shadow Theatre
  15. Shadow Theatre and Literature
  16. Shadow Theatre and Theatre
  17. Shadow Theatre and Movies
  18. Shadow Theatre and Music
  19. Shadow Theatre and Painting
  20. Shadow Theatre and Caricature
  21. The Greek Shadow Theatre in abroad


IV.- Interdisciplinary subject areas diagram


V.- Web interface program and retrieval and data processing system


VI.- Thematic library and research personnel-accessible archive with bibliographic material, forms, graphic material, figures, etc.

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