Centre of Byzantine, Modern Greek and Cypriot Studies

Research Project: File/Data base of Byzantine sources for the Slavs. Phases A`and B`

Objective of the program:

To design a corpus of Greek and Slavic texts (histories, chronicles, hagiographies, letters, inscriptions, peace treaties, etc.) that offer information concerning the relations between Byzantium and Slavs (Slaves of Balkans and Eastern).


Funding Institutions:

Autonomous Government of Andalusia


Period: 2008-2013

Phase A`: Localization, translation and commentary of texts about the emergence and installation of Slavs in the Balkan Peninsula.

Phase B`: Localization, translation and commentary of texts about Christianization and spreading of Byzantine Culture in Rus and Bulgarians and the various stages of their relations with Byzantium.



Μatilde Casas Olea (University of Granada)



Matilde Casas Olea (University of Granada)

Moschos Morfakidis Filactos (University of Granada)

Enrique Santos Marinas (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

Inés García de la Puente (Universidad de St. Gallen)

Diliana Ivanova Kovátcheva (University of Granada)

Μaila García Amorós (University of Granada) 

Panagiota Papadopoulou (University of Granada)

Simón Suarez Cuadros (Universidad de Granada)


Technical staff: Andrei Dresviankin 

Secretary: María Isabel Cabrera Ramos (C.E.B.N.Ch.) 


Publications within the program:

- Morfakidis, Moschos y Casas Olea, Matilde, Fuentes Griegas sobre los Eslavos, vol. I, Granada. 2009, págs. 200, ISBN: 978-84-95905-11-6

- Álvarez Pedrosa, Juan Antonio, Las respuestas del Papa Nicolás a las consultas de los Búlgaros. Edición crítica, traducción y comentarios, Granada, 2009, págs. 200, ISBN: 978-84-95905-30-7

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