Greek Shadow Theatre data file / base

Ways of collaboration

The program is mainly interested in digital and audiovisual material; hence it is not necessary that those interested send original material, although such material will be, of course, welcome as well.

The name of the particular or of the organization providing the material will be registered in the webpage.


Those interested can collaborate in different ways:

  • Correcting data that are wrong or missing.
  • Providing digitized material from their own personal collections.
  • Notifying the responsible for the program about the existence of collections or people who store any type of material related to the Greek Shadow Theatre.
  • Notifying the general public about the existence of the program and encouraging those who consider that can contribute to contact us.
  • Upon consideration that a finished bulletin fulfils the basic principles of the program, it will be uploaded with the signature of its writer.
  • The collections (in digital form) will have a separated bulletin with the track record of the collection and the curriculum of its collector (provided their consent).
  • Karagkiosopektes (professionals, part-time and amateurs) are strongly welcome, as well as people of the theatre and of other fine arts that have strong foray in the topic of the shadow theatre, to be in contact with the responsible for the program so their own bulletin can be completed.
  • Responsible for private and public organizations, storing material about the shadow theatre are strongly welcome and encouraged to contact the responsible for the program so the requisites of collaboration can be examined.




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