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Introductory note

The recordings of Shadow Theatre plays in vinyl had already started in the 60s. Later, new techniques, like the voice recorder and the video, recorded lots of plays, interviews, reportages etc, forming a huge amount of archival material.


In the last decades, the Shadow Theatre has invaded the field of the comic, and that of the DVD and CD. Their production was recuperated -and still is- by famous or less famous businesses of the industry. As a result the access of a wider public to such spectacle is facilitated, not to mention the improvement of both image and sound quality. However, all of above deprives the Shadow Theatre of one of its main characteristics: the improvisation and the polymorphic aspect that specify every type of oral tradition.


The program aspires, apart from recording and registering, to concentrate all the material that circulates in the market or has been published for free delivery or was made available in other ways.

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