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Introductory note

As already highlighted in other thematic units, all types of events strongly contributed to turn the Greek Shadow Theatre into a permanent means of entertainment, educational work, source of inspiration for all the forms of art and subject of study. These events, organized by several public and private organisations, require listing and study since, over the last decades at least, they have constituted an important part of the course of the Shadow Theatre. In such events, the Karagkiosopektes have the possibility to get in touch with other types of folklore spectacles and to introduce an enrichment of scripts and novelties in all sections. These events, which somehow include the Shadow Theatre, are mainly:


  1. Events of municipalities, cultural centres and other organisations
  2. Festivals and meetings of Karagkiosopektes in Greece and Cyprus
  3. Different events organised by universities and other organisations abroad
  4. Congresses and scientific meetings
  5. Events in schools, universities and other educational organisations
  6. Exhibitions presenting the work of Karagkiosopektes of all eras over the history of this genre

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