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Introductory note

Over the last decades, permanent exhibitions of collections have opened for the public and different museums have been created, whose thematic mainly revolves around specific artists or collections. It is often about initiatives of municipalities, which collaborate with known Karagkiosopektes or families of Karagkiosopektes on the disposition of their collections, fact that contributes to the existence of the personal or familial museums. The places where these collections are held are also often used for representations of the Shadow Theatre, workshops for the general public, seminars and other events related to the topic.

The main museums or exhibition areas of the Greek Shadow Theatre are:


  • Museum of Greek Folk Art (Ministry of Culture)
  • Spathario Shadow Theatre Museum (Municipality of Maroussi)
  • Museum - Shadow Theatre Charidimos (Municipality of Athens)
  • Shadow Theatre Museum - "Tannery". (Municipality of Patras)
  • Shadow Theatre Museum – (Municipality of Nikosia - Leventis Foundation)
  • Permanent exhibition of the Shadow Theatre in the municipality of Ilion
  • Shadow Theatre of Thanasis and Kostas Spyropoulos. Shadow Theatre Exhibition
  • Museum "Shadows" of Giannaros
  • Shadow Theatre Museum of Antonaros


In some occasions, beside the museums and collections, the public had the opportunity to attend important temporary exhibitions like:


  • Greek Body of the Shadow Theatre (70 years of history of the Greek Body of the Shadow Theatre, 1995)
  • Municipality of Keratsini – Cultural Centre Melina Mercuri (Exhibition: Roots of the Shadows of the East, 2004)
  • Benaki Museum (Exhibition: “In Praise of Shadows” - 2009)
  • “About the... Shadows by Paolo Colombo” (2009)
  • Hellenic American Union (Exhibition: The Triumph of Shadows, 2012)
  • Cyprus Children’s Museum (Exhibition: Shadow Theatre and Karagkiosis, 2012)

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